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DIAN applies new electronic signature

The national tax authority (DIAN) established the use of the new electronic signature through Resolution 080 of July 28, 2020. The advantages compared to its predecessor are; it is easy to obtain, its simplicity of use and it facilitates the fulfillment of obligations and administration of procedures before the entity. The best thing is that it can be done without leaving your home, through an online self-generation process. This is ideal due to the public health emergency generated by COVID-19.

The administration points out that the previous electronic signature will cease to be valid as of June 1, 2021. For this reason, the DIAN has committed itself to accompany users, through messages in digital media and direct communications, in the process of changing their electronic signature. However, it has noticed that there are still a large number of users who have not made the migration to the new electronic signature.

This electronic signature will be valid for 3 years with the intent that users will be able to fulfill their tax obligations in an easier and more agile way. Another novelty is that the electronic signature established in Resolution 080 is not solely for those individuals legally mandated to have an electronic signature but for the general public. Those who do not make this change before June 1 and need to carry out a procedure, they will be guided by the system to obtain their new signature, thus avoiding delays in transactions.

The tax authority also clarifies that if the user’s electronic signature was obtained before the publication of Resolution 080, it must be changed to the new one. If the electronic signature update procedure has already been carried out, in accordance with  Resolution 080, or if the signature is obtained after June 1, no additional procedures are required.

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