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Term to Exercise the Right of Inspection in Simplified Joint-Stock Companies (SAS)

The right of inspection is the authority that associates or shareholders of a company have to examine, the books and commercial papers of the company in which they made their contributions, either directly or through a person authorized for that purpose. This right is intended to allow partners or shareholders who are not part of the management of the company to know about the administrative, financial, accounting and legal situation of the company. Thus, directors of the company have the obligation of allowing partners or shareholders to access this information. Failure to do so is sufficient cause for the competent corporate body or the authorities to remove the directors from their position.

In addition to the above, article 20 of Law 1258 of 2008 establishes that in Simplified Joint-Stock Companies (SAS), shareholders may exercise their right of inspection during the five (5) business days prior to the meeting in which end-of-year balance sheets or transformation, merger or split-up operations must be approved. However, it also establishes the possibility that a higher term can be agreed upon in the company’s bylaws. In this regard, the Superintendence of Companies recently reiterated that it is possible for shareholders to agree in the bylaws to the possibility of exercising the right of inspection permanently. Thus, as established by law, in SAS-type companies the opportunity to exercise this right will depend on what the shareholders have established in the bylaws.

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