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Preventive isolation for workers with Covid-19 symptoms is not considered occupational disability

According to an opinion by the Ministry of Labor, workers who have  symptoms of Covid-19 must isolate themselves preventively for a period of 14 days, however this is not considered occupational disability. At this stage, there are no payments for additional benefits and the worker must agree beforehand with the employer on the mode  of labor,  either work-from-home or telework. Each employer is responsible for taking the necessary measures to address the situation and it will be the responsibility of the teleworker to comply with them.

If the illness is confirmed, the appropriate entities must assume the appropriate payments. If the illness is  of a common origin then the Health Insurance is responsible, if  instead, its origin is work-related, the Workers’ Compensation Insurance is responsible.

Coughing, fever and shortness of breath are major symptoms of Covid-19, which is why measures were taken which both public and private entities are encouraged to implement; authorization of telework, adopting flexible schedules to reduce the risk of exposure at rush hour and avoid the concentration of workers in their workspace in order to have better air circulation, decreasing the number of face-to-face meetings and avoiding places with a large  amounts of people where interactions with infected people can occur.

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